How My Son’s Illness Revealed Our Sickness

Just days before our daughter was born, our son woke up coughing and laboring to breathe. We tried to put him in a steamy shower, but it wasn’t helping, so we brought him to the hospital. On the way to the hospital he started to calm down, but it was still heart breaking to listenContinue reading “How My Son’s Illness Revealed Our Sickness”

Why are We So Focused on The National Anthem?

Everything we do is an attempt to live with more freedom. Every thought we have, every impulse, is based on an idea that through this thought or deed we may experience more freedoms in our daily life; more opportunities to choose what we want to do with our time and money. Whether it’s through cultural,Continue reading “Why are We So Focused on The National Anthem?”

Your First Step to Connecting with New People

Personally it’s been very hard for me to connect well with people over the years. There always seemed to be an incredible awkwardness that accompanied talking to someone new. The only people that I could really have conversations with were people who were good at connecting with me. Many of us know those types ofContinue reading “Your First Step to Connecting with New People”

Who Really Cares About What You’re Going Through?

While working with students, I have heard kids say I don’t think anyone would care if I were dead. Others thought ‘if people knew what I have done they wouldn’t love me or care for me anymore’. With adults, the conversation changes to earning love and care by what we do. One of the fundamentalContinue reading “Who Really Cares About What You’re Going Through?”

Jesus: The Original Avenger

One of my favorite movies is the first Avengers. The courage and bravery of the heroes, especially Captain America, is something that I admire. Near the end of the film there is a world news scene (after the heroes save the city) about the public opinion of the various superheroes. There are two types ofContinue reading “Jesus: The Original Avenger”

Is Free Will a Myth?

One of my first college classes was a philosophy class at a community college. My professor didn’t believe in the Judeo-Christian God and wanted to make sure we all saw her philosophy behind her conclusion. She used various examples in her explanation including the famous question, ‘Could God create a rock so heavy that heContinue reading “Is Free Will a Myth?”